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Suggestions and Concerns

 If you have a suggestion or a concern we would like to hear about it.


We welcome your thoughts and suggestions for improving our work in school. We want to know if you have a concern so that we can work in partnership to sort it out.

Be assured that no matter what you wish to tell us, our support and respect for you and your child will not be affected in any way.

Most concerns can be addressed easily and quickly by speaking with your child’s class teacher. Please make an appointment with reception or leave a message for a member of staff to contact you.

If you need to speak to the Headteacher you can contact her straight away. If Mrs Phelps-Knights is unavailable you can make an appointment at reception or leave a phone number and she will call you as soon as possible.

We will do all that we can to resolve matters straight away by working in partnership with you for the good of your child’s education.

We would also like to know what you think we are doing well, so we can continue to build on all the strengths of our school.