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Foundation Stage Curriculum Information

When entering the Foundation stage, our children follow a differentiated curriculum which is tailored to suit the needs and abilities of each individual. The Foundation Stage curriculum is based on the Early Learning Goals defined by the Department for Education and skills.

There are 6 main areas of focus


  • Personal and Social
  • Physical
  • Mathematical
  • Communication, language and literacy
  • Creative
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world


Children are assessed using the Foundation Stage profile, to see what they can do in their first year at school.  Targets are then set for the children to work towards achieving.

The curriculum for the Foundation is flexible in order to cater for children who can read, write and count as well as those whose main need is security and whose main achievement will be a degree of independence.  Much of the work is through direct play activities which are teacher led, as well as child directed activities. The children are helped towards a sense of autonomy, to communicate their ideas orally and on paper.  They will have considerable experience with books, learning to recognise letters and words, understanding that books communicate meaning in a variety of ways as well as enjoying the pleasure of sharing books with a friend.  The children will also use a variety of materials and media to develop fine motor skills with simple tools.

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