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Amber Class

Welcome to Amber Class

Class Teacher:         Miss Grace

Learning Assistant:  Mrs Sanson

HLTA:                       Mrs Davidson         


Homework is set each week on Wednesday and is expected to be completed by the following Wednesday.

Spellings will be checked on a Friday.

A homework blog will be posted on your child’s Purple Mash account, so they have an overview for the week.    


PE days – Thursdays and Friday


Please make sure your child brings a named water bottle into school, which they can refill themselves. Please make sure children’s clothes and lunchboxes are also named.

Class Timetable

Class Councillor: Bella

Class Ambassador: Tony 

Our work- Spring Term:


In Maths, we have been learning several things. We started the term learning about fractions. Using pictures and videos to help us. We can say what a unit fraction and a non- unit fraction are. Many of children can work out a fraction of a number using bar modelling and their own knowledge of timetables. We then covered mental maths to help the children to work out sums using different mental strategies. This will help them to eventually be able to work these sums in their own heads without paper. We finished the term learning and creating graphs from data. The children have gone on walks outside and rummaged around their homes to collect data to put into a graph.


In English we have looked at non-chronological reports, narrative writing and reading for pleasure. We learn all about Portia spiders and wrote our own reports on them. We were able to use great adjectives to describe the spiders and the settings that they live in. we then went on to The Borrowers story. Children went through the opening, build up, problem and resolution of the story. The children were able to use complex and compound sentences in their own writing of the story. The children planned each section and created word banks to make their writing more exciting to hep them be able to write it. We finished the term talking about reading for pleasure. The children were able to talk about their own favourite books, why the story is about, who the main characters and what they are like and why it is their favourite book. They were then able to write this in a recommendation for the other children.


We have been learning all about food trade not just within the UK but outside the UK. We have learnt about what foods we import and where they come from. Children can say what fair trade is and why it is important. They are even able to use their own understanding and opinion to decide whether they would try and buy fair trade where they could.


Science has been all about humans’ body and nutrition. We have learnt about our skeletons and the skeletons in animals. Why we have muscles and what would happen if we did not have them. We have learnt that we should eat a wide range of food for a balanced diet. Sugary, salty junk is ok if we do not eat it every day. The children where able to create a plate of a balanced dinner. We ended the term making banana pancakes together over zoom. We only used bananas and eggs as they are healthy pancakes. The children were able to say that eggs are protein and bananas are fruit (vitamins). We had such a fun term together and this pancake making made a perfect ending.


In French, the children have learnt all about food and how to say what we love, like, dislike and hate in French. They have loved it.

In Art, the children have been drawing objects they have around the house, sketching spiders and adding their own take on Andy Warhol’s tomato soup can.


Everyone in Amber should be so proud. You have worked so hard over this term at home. I am delighted to be your teacher and keep doing what you are doing.

Welcome to Amber Class

Our work - Autumn Term:

Here in Amber Class we are kind, caring and hard working. We always put 100% effort into everything that we do.  If somebody needed help or was upset I know that one of the lovely children in Amber class would help them and make them feel better.

In Maths we are learning to be able to multiple and divide any 3-digit number up to 1,000. We are learning our 2,3,4,5,8,10 timetables to help us and soon will be going onto our 6,7, and 9.

In English we are practicing story writing. We will tell the story of the Stig of the Dump and then retell the story making it our own. We will be using adjectives, conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions to make our writing more exciting and enjoyable to read. We will learn how to plan our stories and understand why it is helpful to do this.

As a class we will be reading Stig of dump in guided reading. The children will answer a series of questions throughout the story checking for their understanding of what is going on. Along with using drama and other ways the children can communicate the events in the story and how they feel about it.

In Science the children will get to learn about forces and magnets. Identifying, setting up tests, drawing and understanding what they are.

Our Autumn topic covers children being able to learn about the destructive powers of nature, from volcanoes and earthquakes to tsunamis and tornadoes. Through discussion and practical tasks, children will learn about how and why these natural disasters occur, and the ways in which they affect people and the environment.  

The children will also be starting their linguistic journey into the French Language over the year.

For Harvest the class used their amazing art skills to recreate Giuseppe Arcimboldo famous portrait which uses fruit and vegetables. The children learnt about what harvest is and why we still celebrate it today.