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Amber Class

Welcome to Amber Class


Here in Amber Class we are kind, caring and hard working. We always put 100% effort into everything that we do.  If somebody needed help or was upset I know that one of the lovely children in Amber class would help them and make them feel better.

In maths we are learning to count to 1000. We are using our place value knowledge to help us add and subtract 1, 10s and 100s from numbers up to 1000. Many of the children will even go onto to adding numbers of more than 1000.

In English we are practicing story writing. We will tell the story of the The Croods and then retell the story making it our own. We will be using adjectives, conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions to make our writing more exciting and enjoyable to read.                                                                                We will learn how to plan our stories and understand why it is helpful to do this.

As a class we will be reading the One and Only Ivan in guided reading. The children will answer a series of questions throughout the story checking for their understanding of what is going on.


In Science the children will get to learn about rocks. Identifying, classifying, setting up tests, drawing and understanding them. The class will then go on to learning about exciting rocks such as fossils. The children will get to learn about some of the famous palaeontologists we still celebrate to this day.


Our Autumn Topic covers the Stone Age to the Iron Age. Children will be able to see what it would have been like to live during the stone age and be able to talk about all the different equipment, clothing and houses within the Palaeolithic era. Some will even be able to say whether they would have enjoyed living in this time or not. The children will also be starting their linguistic journey into the French Language over the year.

Here is our Class Timetable