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Amethyst Class

Welcome to Amethyst Class


Teacher:                    Miss Doyle

Learning Assistant: Mrs Smith

Mid Day Assistant:  Mrs Smith


Amethyst Classroom




Our work- Spring Term


Here in Amethyst class we strive to improve ourselves not just academically but to become well rounded individuals.  We always try are hardest and learn from the mistakes we make.  We are proud of the work we have achieved.


In Maths we are learnt about fractions, we were able to find fractions of amounts, identify equivalent fractions as well as add and subtract them.  We have also revised place value and partitioning and learnt how to apply this knowledge in addition, subtraction, multiplication  and division.

In English we learnt how to write a non-chronological report about the portia spider.  We learnt many new subject specific vocabulary and were able to apply it in our writing. We have also started a narrative topic about The Borrowers.  We are focusing on sentence structure and the use of ambitious vocabulary to make our stories more interesting.  We are learning how to use inverted commas correctly and apply it to our work.

In Science we have been learning about light and dark.  We know why we have day and night and have learnt how shadows are created. We will then be moving on to learn about our bodies.

In our topic work we have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians, who they were ruled by and their believes.  We will also learn about the pyramids and how they were built. For PE we have attended Zumba sessions and had a lot of fun learning new moves.  In French, we have studied our families and revised some previously learnt vocabulary.  In Geography we have studied the impact of globalisation on the trade and food industry and the effect this has had on our world. During PSHE and RE we have studied our communities and the importance of belonging to them.

For Harvest festival Amethyst Class were inspired by the artwork of Giuseppe Arcimboldo and his portraits made using food stuffs.

Inspired by our class book, the one and only Ivan, we drew pictures of silverback gorillas.