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Sports Funding

Physical Education


Physical Education is a core subject which is very important to the development of our pupils as they grow into young adults. Through sport, the pupils learn the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle through enjoyment and participation. Activities are accessible to all abilities and adapted where necessary to meet the needs of our SEND pupils. We also make sure that pupils who are least active are given just as many opportunities to partake in PE lessons as the most active sporting pupils within the school. Janet Duke is part of the Your School Games Programme and Active School Planner, which links us to our School Games Partnership Programme led by James Hornsby School.


We enter a high number of competitions throughout the year which has enabled us to achieve our Silver Sports Mark in recognition of the amount of sports related activities taking place here. We provide opportunities for girls, boys, SEND pupils and BAME pupils to represent the school through Level 2/3 competitions. We have also established our football and tag rugby teams that compete well against local Basildon schools and schools in the wider Essex regions. The foundation of all our success lies within the PE curriculum and the ethos set within the school that encourages participation in sport and living a healthy lifestyle.


Alongside PE, Janet Duke provides a range of extra-curricula provision before, and after school. We also have a midday programme that engages pupils of differing abilities to get involved in active play. We have a Play Leader/Sports Captain Programme that develops leadership and responsibility amongst our pupils during the lunch time periods. The school has invested heavily on resources that can be used during PE lessons and for Extra-Curricular Activities, and we have greatly enhanced our Outdoor Play Provision with Multi Use Games Areas.


At Janet Duke, Physical Education is not just about sporting performance. It is a subject where children are given the opportunity to teach essential life skills such as fair play, teamwork, leadership and the ability to accept winning and losing.  We believe that these skills are paramount to the social and mental development of young students in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. We also aim to provide sporting activities in a safe and constructive environment to enable our pupils to learn new skills and build on their personal development.


What we do for PE

PE lessons will normally include skills-based games and activities – which is fun and engaging for all the pupils – leading on to some element of competitive games within some units of work.


Early Year Foundation Stage

In EYFS the pupils are developing physically through play. They move around the Early Years learning environment involving themselves in a wide range of activities that build their fine and gross motor skills. They are also given opportunities to take part in PE lessons in the hall space provided and the outdoor areas.

Key Stage One

In Key Stage One our pupils are involved in Dance, Gymnastics, Team Games, and Athletics. As well providing pupils with the opportunities to develop their coordination, body control and aesthetic movements, they are also given opportunities to evaluate their own learning. They work individually, in pairs or within small groups - building up to more larger team events at the end of some competitive elements of the PE curriculum. PE for KS1 is focused on core skills, these being: Coordination, throwing, catching, kicking, balance/agility and running. It is important to develop these core skills in order to provide the students with the well-rounded skill set for the more sport focused KS2 curriculum.

Key Stage Two

As our pupils move up into Key Stage Two, they build on their previous learning. More opportunities are given for them to be involved in competitive events. Dance, Gymnastics, Team Games and Athletics continue as part of the focus. The skills the pupils learn in Key Stage One are carried over into Key Stage Two. KS2 PE lessons are focused on sports skill development. This is where Janet Duke further develops the basic skills used in KS1 and applies them to sport specific activities. For example: catching and running skills turn into tag rugby. Sports that KS2 Students can expect to participate in are: Football, Rugby, Cross county, Gymnastics, Dance, Striking and Fielding, Racket Sports and Athletics.

Intra Sport

We use Intra Sport to help develop competitiveness through PE. Within each year group our pupils learn the skills involved in each sport, learn the rules and understand the learning that is taking place through self-evaluation. This all takes place within a safe learning environment whereby the pupils are confident to take part at their given level and staff are aware of the differing needs so that activities can be differentiated to ensure inclusive participation for all. During the Intra Sports lessons the pupils have more opportunities for competitive sports. Through these lessons many pupils are identified for their sporting ability and confidence to participate and are given extra training opportunities to represent Janet Duke in the Level 2/3 competitions run by our Sports Partnership Programme. We are also developing our pupils to become Sports Captains within the Intra Sports Programme. Our aims are to help the children learn to learn the rules to a level where they can officiate during games. This will also help build their confidence and encourage greater participation in the other pupils when they see their peers leading the sessions.



Our Focus and Aims

Our focus is on participation leading to the formation of a healthy relationship with sport. Our aim is to encourage our pupils to develop a love for sport, enabling them to remain involved in sport through senior school and into their adult life. The pupils at Janet Duke participate in a wide and varied sporting calendar throughout the year. This also includes a Whole School Sports Day where all year groups take part in sporting challenges for parents, carers and family members. Janet Duke are also very proud to be a part of the Cancer Research initiative that helps raise awareness for the Cancer Research Campaign. This is achieved through a yearly Race for Life event where pupils and their families take part in a run to raise money for the cause.


The importance of physical education in early life is paramount to developing successful adults. The careful nurturing of competitiveness, fair play and an active lifestyle teaches our students about the importance of hard work and perseverance in the face of adversity. This is a useful tool for the educational studies and the work environment.



PE for the future.

Here at Janet Duke, we understand the rationale of having specialist teachers teaching specialist subjects where possible. To this end, we regularly invite sports coaches and professionals to deliver key skills to the children in a variety of sports. 

Janet Duke’s long-term goals are to increase the levels of achievement within lessons as well as increase levels of attendance at extra-curricular clubs leading to dominant sports teams within the district.