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Zircon Class

Welcome to the Zircon Class

Here in Zircon we love to learn. We love to find out new things and to share our experiences. We are also so excited to be back at school, ready to learn together as one. Below we have listed what our focuses will be this term.


Class Teacher is Mr Fletcher

Class Learning Assistant Mrs Sanson

Class Mid-Day Assistant  Mrs Faulkner





This term we will be focussing on number and place value. This will include, reading, writing, ordering, and comparing numbers up to 1000. We will also be using our place value knowledge to help add and subtract 1, 10s and 100s from numbers up to 1000, which will lead into learning and mastering column addition and subtraction.


We have been practicing our story writing this term, through retelling the story of the Croods. We have looked at including powerful adjectives, conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions as well as planning how to structure our stories for maximum effect. By the end of this term we will be flexing our creative juices by changing the story (characters and setting) while maintaining the basic structure.

Our class books this term are:

  • The One and Only Ivan, about a Gorilla and his friends in a small circus.
  • The Worst Witch, about a bumbling witch and her adventures at school.


In science our focus is rocks. Identifying, classifying, setting up tests, drawing and understanding them. We also discover the most exciting thing about rocks…FOSSILS!


Our Autumn topic covers the Stone Age to the Iron Age, as well as starting our linguistic journey into the French Language.

We look forwards to sharing our triumphs along the way with you!

For your information, here is the Zircon timetable of lessons: