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Physical Education

Physical Education is a core subject which is very important to the development of children into young adults. Through sport, young people can learn the importance of leading a healthy and active life style through enjoyment and participation.

At Janet Duke, Physical Education is not just about sporting performance. It is a subject where children are given the opportunity to teach essential life skills such as fair play, team-work, leadership and the ability to accept winning and losing.  Webelieve that these skills are paramount to the social and mental development of young students, especially in KS 1 and 2 where the students are extremely susceptible to influences from teachers and peers alike. Sport provides a constructive environment for learning and personal development.


What we do for PE

Our PE provision at Janet Duke is wide, varied and engaging. Our focus is two fold, the first being on participation leading to the formation of a healthy relationship with sport. Janet Duke looks to encourage our students to remain involved in sport through senior school and into their adult life. Our other focus is competition, Janet Duke is starting to participate in a wide and varied sporting calendar throughout the whole school year. The importance of competition in early  life is paramount to developing successful adults. The careful nurturing of competitiveness teaches our students about the importance of hard work and perseverance in the face of adversity. This is a useful tool for the educational studies and the work environment.

PE for KS1 is focused on core skills, these being: Coordination, throwing, catching, kicking, balance/agility and running. It is important to develop these core skills  in order to provide the students with the well-rounded skill set for the more sport focused KS2. PE lessons will normally include skills based games and activities (Grass-root level sports specific development), whilst still being fun and engaging for the students.

KS2 PE lessons are focused on sports skill development. This is where Janet Duke further develops the basic skills used in KS1 and applies them to sport specific activities. For example: catching and running skills turn into tag rugby. Sports that KS2 Students can expect to participate in are: Football, Rugby, Cross county, Gymnastics, Dance, Striking and Fielding, Racket Sports and Athletics.

KS2 students will also have the opportunity to participate in the school sports teams and compete against local schools in the area.

There is an outstanding array of Extra-Curricular Sport Clubs  for students to participate in.


PE for the future.

Here at Janet Duke, we understand the  rationale  of having specialist teachers teaching specialist subjects where possible. To this end, we regularly invite sports coaches and professionals to deliver key skills to the children in a variety of sports. 

Janet Duke’s long term goals are to increase the levels of achievement within lessons as well as increase levels of attendance at extra-curricular clubs leading to dominant sports teams within the district.