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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6


In Year 6 we have 3 classes: Diamond, Peridot & Sapphire Class



Sapphire Class Teacher: Mrs Barber

Diamond Class Teacher: Miss Retigan

Peridot Class Teacher:    Mr Lynn


Daily Timetable:

Registration: 8.45 to 9.05

English, Reading, Maths and SPaG lessons: 9.10 to 10.45

Break: 10.45 to 11

English, Reading, Maths and SPaG lessons: 11 to 12.50

Lunch: 12.20 to 1.35

Science, Foundation and PE lessons: 1.35 to 3.05




PE days vary according to each class, so please check the class page for further information.


Please see the long-term plan below to see what PE activities we will cover. 


PE Kits

If pupils wish to bring in a PE kit, then they can, and they will be allowed to change for PE. Pupils must be able to change themselves without assistance. Pupils can bring a separate pair of trainers to change out of school shoes if they wish to (this will be favourable for outdoor PE sessions particularly during the Autumn and Winter months). If their school shoes are trainers, pupils can participate in session in those. Black trainers as part of the school uniform policy, but black or white trainers for PE are acceptable. PE kit will need to taken home after each session to be washed and returned.



Y6 Pupils will be attending weekly swimming lessons every Monday afternoon as this is part of the curriculum and a life skill. Pupils will need to bring in a swimming kit, which will include everything they will need for the lesson (towel, shorts/ swim suit and goggles as required).



In Year 6, we encourage the children to develop their independent skills, whilst offering them the support they require to progress their learning. We use a range of strategies to help pupils improve their writing, for instance, ‘Screen to Page’ whereby we use film to enhance the children’s writing and ‘Talk for Writing’ and ‘Talk for Reading’, which includes a structured approach to learning a story or analysing a text through easy to remember story maps and plans, pupils then use these to write their own version of the texts they have learned or studied. These methods have had extremely positive results and the children, and adults are very proud of the writing that they have produced.




We teach Maths in a whole class setting. Children are encouraged to develop their independence whilst challenging their mathematical ability. Maths lessons cover a range of different topics and develop written and mental methods for all four operations throughout the year using the ‘White Rose’ scheme of work. A big focus for Year 6 pupils is to help them develop rapid recall of strategies and basic skills (e.g. times tables, money, telling the time) so that they can show their maths knowledge not only through the SATs tests at the end of the year, but so that they can use these skills for the future.



The topics we are covering in Year 6 can be seen on the long term plan (below).



The homework expectations are as follows and pupils will need to access online resources to complete their homework as well as reading frequently. Mathletics, Purple Mash and myON are interactive, child friendly programs that can be accessed via the internet on any device, pupils will use their log on details given by their teachers to access the online sites.

Homework will be set based on the level your child is working at. Each week, class teachers will upload information regarding homework to their class blog on Purple Mash. For pupils unable to access online resources, please contact your child’s class teacher so that alternative arrangements can be made. During times of partial school closure, pupils will be provided with remote learning opportunities so that they can continue with their learning at home.

The Long-Term Plan under the Remote Learning section (Home-Key Information-Remote Learning), contains links to online learning websites and lessons that will enable this to happen.


Homework Expectations are as follows, each child will:

  • Read at home at least 3 times a week using myON or reading texts of their choice  (e.g. books magazines, etc)           
  • Learn their weekly spellings on Purple Mash and they will be tested on the spellings they have learned the following week.
  • Complete Mathletics tasks set by their teacher.
  • Practise times tables. This could be done on Purple Mash Monster Multiplication if the children wish to use this.



Booster Classes

In Year 6, we offer free Booster classes after school and at other parts of the school term, such as during the Easter break. These classes will help to fill gaps in their education and will also help to improve and prepare for end of year SATs and Year 7. The classes cover aspects of Reading, Writing and Maths. Further details about these classes will be sent as and when arranged.