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Music is an integrated part of learning at Janet Duke. It is not always an implicit subject, but can be accessed through assemblies, use of music in PE lessons and as an aide memoir, such as times tables songs. In Early Years, music is key in children exploring their world. Children have access to instruments and items to use as instruments in their indoor and outdoor spaces. Children in Key Stage one and two have six focused music lessons per term, either as a block or as part of two smaller units. They follow the Charanga scheme of work and ensure children have access to learn about the interrelated dimensions of music appropriate to their age group. Cross curricular links can be made, so the scheme can be adapted (eg. Cultural music linked to China in year 2 or the Windrush generation in year 6). Children have access to instruments for two of their units of music and focus on singing for one.  


The learning of music is broken down into four key steps. First is listen and appreciate, in which children experience and discuss music from a range of genres. This comes as part of assemblies and as the first step of a music lesson. Children will experience rock, classical, hip-hop and gospel to name a few. Next, children learn about a song, by learning the lyrics or playing a tune on an instrument, using simple notation in key stage two. Then, children have the opportunity to improvise, using instruments to express themselves before finally composing a piece of music based on the genre. Throughout all of this, children learn about the interrelated dimensions of music: pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture and structure. 


We have a choir club who practice weekly in preparation for performances in the community, including the Basildon Music Festivals. Children throughout the school perform as part of events including the Christmas concerts. We also have a tutor who supports small groups of students to play together as part of a band. Since charanga has been embedded into the curriculum the children have been thoroughly engaged and have worked on their skills as they progress through the Year groups. It is lovely to hear the children put on performances (especially around Christmas time) and hear from them how much they enjoy their music lessons.


Here are some images of the children enjoying music and in lots of different ways using a variety of instruments.