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Quartz Class

Welcome to Quartz Class


Class Teacher:           Miss McGrotty

Learning Assistant:   Mrs Preston

Midday Assistant:     Miss Black






What a successful  week we have had so far in Quartz!

We have all settled in well and have enjoyed being back at school! Here are the self-portraits we started on our first day back. Unfortunately, not everyone’s is finished but as soon as they are they will be added to the class display!


In Maths we have been reading, writing and identifying the place value of numbers up to 1 million.


In English we have been describing settings from Disney’s Tarzan!


So far this week we have been exploring the life cycle of flowers and have begun identifying and exploring the parts of a flower and the role they play in the reproduction.



In Music we have begun analysing Livin’ On A Prayer by Bon Jovi and we will eventually be signing this song which will most certainly be an interesting challenge! Hopefully we can get a video of this to show you at the end of the term!


During our PE lesson, we experimented with our running style. Some of our strides were ‘bouncy’, some had ‘pitter-patter feet’ and others we had to keep our arms crossed. This made keeping our balance rather tricky, so we ended up slowing right down! By experimenting with our running styles, we will identify and improve the best techniques so that our sprinting pace will increase.



Quartz Class Timetable