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Positive comments from the community

Just wanted to say  a huge thank you for helping my daughter grow and thrive during her time at Janet Duke. She has always had so much to say about lessons, teachers and various ‘dramas’ between her friends or classmates.

Thankyou to everyone throughout the school everything you do.

Hope you all have a lovely summer break.

Parent message July 2023

Dear Janet Duke School Mrs Phelps-Knights and Teachers,

I hope this message finds you in good health. 

We want to express our deep appreciation for the exceptional education and support that our two children have received during their time at your school. It has been a truly rewarding experience, and we are thrilled with their academic progress and improved behaviour. Your dedicated staff and caring teachers have consistently gone the extra mile to guide and nurture them, helping them to reach their fullest potential.

We take immense pride in the character development we've witnessed in our children both at home and in the public sphere, and we credit this, in no small part, to the nurturing environment and guidance provided by Janet Duke School.

As we prepare for this new chapter in our lives, we wanted to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the staff at Janet Duke School for the unwavering support you have given our children throughout their academic journey over the past two years. We wish you all the very best for the future, and we thank you once again for your dedication and commitment.

Parent message July 2023

Dear Mrs Phelps-Knights

We don’t usually have time to give more than verbal thanks at the end of a Barleylands visit, but I just HAD to let you know how wonderful your Year 3s were today!

They were organised, dressed to impress and asked lots of excellent questions. Your staff were (as always) wonderful and went over and above to help the day run smoothly.

For me (I wasn’t even supposed to be in today😂) it was a lovely surprise to find Janet Duke sitting in the hall. Lots of familiar faces among the new ones.

We hope you all had a great day!

Ros Tansey and the Education Team

I am a resident  and live opposite the school I have just sat threw and watched all your students take part in their Christmas Zumba out side  


 I just wanted to say how fantastic Janet Duke well done you guys should be soo soo proud and what a lovely Xmas send of for all you children they loved it. 


 Unfortunately my sons go to another local school and don't get nothing like this and feel they miss out.

You always do so much for your children it is so lovely to see .


Local resident



Absolute fantastic response from the school regarding the Ofsted result. Very welcomed throughout I'm sure. Well done guys.

Parent message



Hi Team Janet Duke,


It's great to hear from you that the school has been rated "Good" by Ofsted . To be honest the  remarks which we  received from other  parents  when we got admission in Janet Duke (for reception) were really not up to the expected standards which was a bit disappointing. But as soon as we met the headteacher and class teachers we knew that we were leaving our child  in capable hands who can make the change.


We are sure that the rating is the result of head teacher's vision &  each class  teacher's  focused effort in understanding every student's individual capabilities,  training them accordingly without putting pressure on them. The rating also shows the ideas implemented by the headteacher and every  other class teacher is working out as well ,not only passing orders from behind the desk but in leading by example. Your way of teaching is clearly reflected in our child's thought process , her learning abilities and in her mental happiness. She is learning new things and her confidence  is improving. I am sure this would be the experience of every parent whose child comes  to Janet Duke.


We hope the entire team in Janet Duke will work together to implement new ideas and focus on bringing the school to "Outstanding" in the future Ofsted rating. As it says "A nation is built in its school by the way it trains its children". Everything starts from school, and school plays a vital role in moulding a child to a future individual with an emotionally stable mind,  to face whatever life throws. Not only to cope up with all life challenges but also equip them with all the armours to face those challenges bravely with an emotionally stable mind. Once again as parents we thank each and every teacher  for all your efforts.

Congratulations to Team Janet Duke!!!


Parent email



Just wanted to say thank you to staff who accommodated us popping into RWI sessions and spending time talking about what it is that we do here to improve our pupils' learning.

The feedback from the visit was really positive:

  • behaviour of pupils and pupil engagement in their learning
  • the 'feel' of the school, the school looks bright, inviting with spaces used well, it has a positive buzz about it.
  • the work of support staff dealing with various pupils (in classes and as we moved around the school).
  • the consistency across RWI Phonics lessons seen and how progression across classes was so obvious.
  • Positive attitudes and delivery of sessions from staff seen delivering RWI    


Teacher from St Helens School

It was a pleasure to visit JDP today. I found the staff to be super friendly and professional. The school has a great atmosphere and a good vibe. 

M Neale 


Congratulations on the Ofsted result, well done everyone!

Parent Message

Well done ,so happy to see the Ofsted report... Thank you..

Parent text message received

Massive thank you to all teachers and ta’s this year, our children completed a full year of teaching!      ( baring in mind the last few years have been crazy!) My little boy has just come home so emotional that he’s going to miss Year 3, he has really done so well this year just wanted massive thank you sent again to all the teachers and helpers in Zircon Class , have a good 6 weeks all of you xx 

Parent message


"For the last time from my family we would like to say a great big thank you to everyone at Janet Duke. Thank you for all your support & teaching all our children, we have some wonderful memories thanks to you. We will miss you".

Year 6 parent

"Thank you to ALL Janet Duke staff. You are all amazing! Thank you for all you have done for my son making him the boy he is today. He is sad to leave you all. His sister is looking forward to starting her journey with you in September.  I wanted to let you all know how amazing you all are. Enjoy your summer".

Year 6 Parent

"Thank you to the school for doing all they can for the children especially rearranging the Year 6 leavers arrangements so the children do not miss out".

From a Year 6 parent during the heatwave July 2022

"The headteacher Mrs Phelps-Knights is brilliant, it’s just astounding what she does for the children there. Anything I need the school help with".

Mrs Lindfield Parent 

"We were blown away with the Year 6 children's love of reading. Sharing and formulating your ideas on camera is no easy feat and the children showed us and the world how reading can open up our world!"

Starr Brothers Films February 2022


"We have worked at Janet Duke Primary School on many occasions over the years and

from the team in the office to the kitchen staff and caretakers, each person seems happy in their work

and only too pleased to co operate with our filming needs when we are within the school environment.

The children also have a happy vibe about them which shows in the images that we capture.


This not confined to when we attend the school either, the staff we speak to in the office on the phone,

finance and the Headmistress are all approachable, likeable and competent people.

This helps make our job easier and more enjoyable.


Sometimes working under stressful circumstances but without it coming across to us whilst we are filming, the staff are both professional and efficient".

BVP Music & Video Productions Jan 2022

"Just a little message to say we are really appreciate all that you do. Merry Christmas to you all."


"This is a brilliant video ,looks like a great day! Merry Christmas Janet Duke Family x"


"Thank you very much for these wonderful images and for everything you do for children! I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"


Parent Messages December 2021

"I have just been to school to collect the beautiful pictures that your very talented pupils have done for us, they have reduced me to tears (happy ones) I can’t thank you all enough for taking the time not only to do them but to laminate them as well.  I will be putting them up tonight with pride . I will take some pictures of them up for you . Thanks once again you are all amazing. Merry Christmas to you all and most importantly “stay safe."

Much love 

Lisa Keeling

Basildon Hospital


"I am so relieved, thanks everyone. Thank you all for a great welcome! I am sure now he will be fine in your hands."

New Parent December 2021

"Janet Duke is one of my favourite schools to work with! The safeguarding is fantastic, I always tell parents to apply to this school."

S Von Gray visitor to School

"This is our first visit to Janet Duke School and it is the friendliest school we have been in, that goes for the children too!"

Comment from ATF (Active, Thrive, Flourish)  November 2021

"Just to say thank you to you and all other staff for all your help last week at the flu session. 

As always nothing was too much trouble and preparation was excellent which is always a great help for us.

It really does make a big difference to the session."

NHS Immunisation Team November 2021

"Lovely school, children were so well behaved and a pleasure to photograph."

Kittle Photographic Oct 2021

"We have spent 2 days teaching Bikeabilty to children from Year 6 and they were very well behaved and a credit to the school."

John Ballard -Bikeability September 2021

Hello to all the wonderful ladies in the office.

We would like to thankyou all so much for all of your amazing hard work that you continue to do, day in day out .

You are such a kind, caring and supportive team and always do your best to help and resolve any queries, with a friendly approach.

We hope you all have a lovely well deserved summer break.

Parent Email July 2021

"To all the staff at Janet Duke. I remember the times I fell over and bumped my knee, I even said I was hurt so that I could come and see all the office staff. Thank you for being amazing I will miss you all lots.

Pupil comment July 2021

"Many thanks for checking on us. It really means a lot as a parent that the school take time to see how
the boys are doing and take the time to contact us."
 Parent text received May 2021

"Thank you to everyone of you for your hard work in ensuring my children are constantly safe and happy."

Parent message April 2021

"I want to say a massive thank you to everyone at JD for what you have done for my boys as well as myself."

Parent text March 2021

"Just wanted to say thank you to the teachers, TA's, LSA's, Mid-Days, Site Managers, cleaners and of course yourself. Throughout this whole pandemic your school has been amazing, riniging weekly to check on us and the kids, planning work for home schooling, I honestly can't fault it. I spoke to my son's teacher and thanked her for giving us zoom lessons so that my son can see his friends, for planning his work so we have structure to our day. 

I honestly believe without this we wouldn't be here today, sorry it's a bit of a ramble but just another massive THANK YOU to you all. Your hard work does not go unnoticed!!

Parent message January 2021

"Thank you all for all of the hard work and support you have given us this past year. Even through such a difficult time, you have made school and learning enjoyable for our girls".


Parent Letter  Dec 2020

"To all my teachers at school.

Thank you for my daily zoom calls. Today  I really enjoyed Zumba.

I hope you are all keeping safe."

Message from a Year 4 Pupil

"I cannot thank Janet Duke enough. They have gone above and beyond this year for our children. They have had a mammoth task trying to keep our children safe and learning while also making sure they stick to all the covid restrictions. Mrs Phelps-Knights and all the staff have had to think of ways to get our children back to school in the safest way possible and I believe they have done that.                                                                         Mrs Phelps-Knight you have a fantastic team, well done to you all and thank you so much!"

Parent comment December 2020

"I love this school cannot fault it at all, reception ladies are lovely and so are all the teachers my children have."

Parent message December 2020

"I was one of those parents panicking about them going back to school in September and was sceptical about how it was going to work and keeping our children safe!! But honestly the school have done an amazing job. All the teaching staff, headteacher and office staff have gone above and beyond to keep the school running and in a safe way too! You should all be so proud of yourselves. Well done all at Janet Duke!"

Parent comment December 2020

"For all that you did today in your classroom

For making a million little split decisions for the benefit of your students

For putting your own needs on hold and keeping them the focus of your day

For planning for them long before today ever got rolling and for changing those plans because they didn't fit someone who needed a little extra

For smiling, laughing with them and reassuring their efforts, trials and mistakes

For placing your hand on a shoulder that was exactly what someone needed

For getting down on the physical level of your students because it matters.... YOU MATTER 

Thank you for being a support network for me and the children."

Parent message December 2020

"I have to say going right back to March this year when the whole country went into lockdown, the school for me have been nothing short of fantastic. From the phone calls weekly I received that meant more than they could ever know, those calls were an absolute saviour to me. To the return in September, to have done what they have achieved is outstanding. They kept our most prized possessions safe and happy and given them much needed structure of familiarity, all while being in an extremely complex situation."

Parent message December 2020

"What a year it's been, 2020 has thrown so much at everyone, particularly schools. How you've all got through it is beyond me, but boy have you done an amazing job! I just want to let you all know you've been amazing, every single person who works within the school collectively make such an amazing team of people. The fact you've had to tackle what I should imagine to be the hardest school year you'll ever face. I'd say you've done it remarkably well, you've supported every parent and child throughout lockdown, provided the children with education from home, you had the children's teachers call weekly to not only support the children but us parents too, with any questions and even just moral support, whilst you still had the children of key workers in school everyday, and families to go home to as well. It's clear that you really do believe that every child matters and you've shown that in abundance."

Parent message. December 2020

"I am so grateful I moved my daughter to this school mid term. They have done more for her in 6 months than her last school did in 4 years! They listen to our family needs not just what they want to know. Very grateful to all from the teachers to the office staff, they made us feel welcome and calm."

Parent message December 2020

"I can hand on heart say that my son has had such amazing, wonderful teachers since he started at the school. I find they bring out the best in him, he loves to learn, they push his limits but for all the right reasons, he gives up so easily but they won't let him, he comes home telling me about what he learns everyday, excited to share his knowledge. Also the support the school has given at times of crisis is just amazing in my opinion. Not only supporting my child and making sure his emotional wellbeing is fine but also in taking your time with me too, it's been a massive relief to me to know that he goes in and is genuinely cared about. I have been so worried about getting him into school, you were so understanding and I had a call back with support offered, which was more than I ever expected. This past month and a half has been the hardest my little family have faced but the school have given us one less worry which has made the biggest difference. I'm one of the Mums that say how lucky we are to have such an amazing school for our children to go to. You deserve so much credit, I have worked in many childcare settings and schools over the years and can wholeheartedly say that none match up to yourselves. I've never known a school care so much about the families and children too."

Parent message December 2020

"So much I wanted to say to each and every one of you, but sadly these are different times and I am unable to say a proper goodbye. I have been coming to JD since 2001 with my first born and ended up with another 4 more! I have got to know you all and will take away many good memories and a few heart to heart conversations. Plus my handmade badge so I can still pop in for a cuppa! Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Parent message July 2020

"Janet Duke is a great school to teach in! The children are always happy, especially when the office staff sing along n their music lessons!"

James Coulson Music Teacher June 2020

"Lovely school, friendly, helpful staff, lovely teachers.".

Karen Stewart & Brian Reid- Tigerlily November 2019

"Fantastic school, great positive energy and atmosphere. Hope to come back for more events in the future".

Mat Mitchel-King-Sports Connections Pro-Kick Challenge November 2019

"Great assembly! Good questions! Stay Safe".

Steve Parker -Essex Fire & Rescue Oct 2019

An Ode to the School Office


Whenever the office is near

"Buisson" is yelled in my ear

With a smile and a grin

And an itch on my chin

I turn around and shout back SSEEEEAAAAARRRR!


Mrs Salmon is really her name

Calls me ugly which is a real shame

Be in every day

Or she'll get no pay

Attendance is the name of her game


See Mrs Bolton when you are sick

A nosebleed is normally my trick

A call home to Mum

Into school she will run

I hope I don't get on her wick


At the front and sitting in sight

This is where you will find Mrs Wright

Answers the phone, opens the doors

"Is this mobile yours?"

The donut one, that's right


     Mrs Thomas was away for a bit

 She stayed home and got herself fit

Now back at the base

With a smile on her face

She's no way ready to quit


Mrs Rowland sits at the back

She rarely gets any flack

Finance is her job

"Oh no... MATHS!" I sob

She really does have the knack


The Secretary sits in her room

Who is she? Mrs Wilk that is whom

Assisting the boss

She rarely gets cross

More letters to take home boom boom


Written by L Buisson & Mum Year 6 Leaver July 2019


"Thank you to everyone for giving Ewan a great start to his education and for giving him a fun and safe place for the last 7 years. Ewan has enjoyed his time with you all and has made many friends and has many fond memories."

Parent comment July 2019

"To all the unsung heroes that work tirelessly behind the scenes. Thank you for everything you do!"

Parent comment July 2019

"She is kind and she is busy but she always has time to talk to me."

Post-it Note left on a staff members desk from a pupil May 2018

"Thank you for all your support & kindness with my son. We really appreciate all the effort that both teaching and non-teaching staff have made."

Year 1 Family November 2016

"To every one of you at JD. you have helped, supported, advised me so so very much, I would be lost without you all. Many many Thanks!"

Parent  letter April 2016

"Thank you for everything you have done for my daughter. You have all helped make her the lovely lady she is!"

Parent comment July 2015

"Wow !! What a wonderful School".

Visitor comment September 2010

"Staff extremely friendly, came in to do Internet Safety talk and Stranger danger. Very well organised and children very well behaved. Was a pleasure to visit."

PCSO Kat Paternoster Laindon Police May 2010

"I had an amazing time at your school! Every single child was polite, hospitable and focused. The standard is very high here and I will remember the days I have been there."

Don Rae Drama Workshops March 2010