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'Together We Learn, Together We Achieve, As One'

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Starting School




Janet Duke Primary School


‘Together We Learn, Together We Achieve, As One.’



Thank you for choosing to send your child to our school.  We want them to be happy and make lots of progress during their time with us. 

We value the learning that takes place at home with you as well as the learning that happens in school.  When you see your child do something amazing that they have never done before e.g learn to swim or ride a bike, take turns, ask to read…anything special for your child, please can you fill in a ‘Wow’ note and send it into school.  You can send in a photo of what they have achieved as well if you wish.  We will be displaying your child’s ‘Wow notes’ in their Learning Journeys.


We are very lucky to have nine adults in the Foundation Stage. There are three teachers, and six teaching assistants to help support the children's learning.


People who help us in the Foundation Stage are:

Jade Class: Miss Wheeler (Classteacher), Mrs Whitelock (TA) and Mrs Allen (1:1 Support LSA)

Jet Class: Miss Styles (Classteacher), Mrs Gower (TA) 

Ruby Class: Mr Lynn (Classteacher), Miss Kneller (TA) 

Year Group Intervention TA: Miss Warren & Miss Jamieson



Our Curriculum

In our school we learn using the Early Years Profile, which will give us all the skills and knowledge we need to begin our journey in education.


We love learning through play and our adults make this really fun for us. This year we will be learning about six different topics: Once Upon a Time, Let There Be Light, Let's Roar, Minibeasts, Heroes & Wonderful World.


We learn through focused activities inside the classroom and through linked activities in the Outside Area. Our activities will give us learning opportunities in all areas of the Foundation Stage Profile.


We learn our phonics using Read, Write Inc, which we work at everyday in a structured session. We will use what we learn to try and decode the meaning of print in our reading books and to work out words which we wan spell in our writing work.


You can find more information about our learning by clicking on our topic maps below.




We love reading in the Foundation Stage and we read with our class adults in groups and individually.   You will know when we have read because our adults will write a comment in our reading logs. We like to choose our own books and when we bring these books home to share with you, we would love it if you could write in our reading logs too!




Reading is really important and we like to practise as much as we can at home. We also have sounds and words to learn and we must practise at home every day! Our teachers give us a sticker on a bookmark if we have read at home at least three times a week. It really is important that our parents help us to learn how to wash and dress ourselves and how to talk to other people in a kind and respectful manner.


To help develop mathematical skills the school has signed up to the ‘Mathletics’ website. Here the children can access activities that support their learning towards the Early Learning Goals. They also achieve certificates for completing the challenges which are given out during ‘Good Work Assembly’ on Wednesdays.




We love doing PE outside and inside. Our PE days are usually on Mondays but sometimes we have a special PE activity on another day. This means that I must have my full PE kit in school every day. If I wear earrings I need to make sure they are removed and if I have long hair, it needs to be tied up. We are very young so can you help me keep my things safe by putting my name in everything!




Each morning, we go outside to eat our snack. Everybody brings in their own snack and our teachers encourage us to bring in something healthy and to drink lots of water. It is really important that we bring in a water bottle so that we can top up with water throughout the day. Our school also gives us a piece of delicious fruit to try at snack time too.



Educational Visits


Throughout the year, our teachers plan educational experiences that take place away from the school. We will visit places in our local area and also have a trip to a local venue to learn about different animals. 


Our Garden


We are really lucky in Foundation Stage because we have got a vegetable/ herb garden. In the spring, we will be planting different vegetables and watching how they grow. Once they have grown we will harvest them, cook them and eat them. Yum Yum!


Our Golden Rules are:


To be kind to others

To respect people and things in our school

To be good listeners

To share our toys and equipment fairly


In the meantime, here are a few things that you can do at home to help them with their transition to school: