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Tiger's Eye

Welcome to Tiger's Eye Class


In our class we follow these rules:

We are kind

We are motivated

We are respectful

We are important





Class Teacher:           Mr O’Sullivan

Learning Assistant:   Mrs Ling. 

HLTA:                        Mrs Jordan

Midday Assistant:      Mrs Tape      


Homework is set each week on Thursday and is expected to be completed by the following Thursday. Spellings will be checked on a Friday. A homework blog will be posted on Purple Mash every Thursday, so they have an overview for the week.


Our PE days are Tuesday and Friday.

These sessions will be held outside weather permitting. Your child isn’t required to bring in a PE kit this year but must have suitable footwear. If you choose to bring a PE kit to school, please only bring them on your PE days and then they should be returned home to be washed that same day. If your child wear jewellery, in particular earrings, they must be able to remove them themselves or alternatively choose not to wear any on a day they will be doing PE.


Please make sure your child brings a named water bottle into school, which they can refill themselves. Please make sure children’s clothes and lunchboxes are also named.


Class Councillor : Archie 

Class Ambassadors: Sophie-Jo



Class Timetable



Summer Term update

On Friday the 19th of June the class were finally able to complete an experiment which had been planned for just before Christmas when the school lockdown struck. At the time, Year 4 had been learning about the different parts of the digestive system and our final experiment required the children to complete the process for themselves. Hopefully they can tell you all about it, from the beginning in the mouth all the way to the end!


As you will see in the pictures, the experiment did get a bit messy and the smell wasn’t particularly pleasant either! The children were amazing (if a little loud understandably), got stuck in straightaway and seemed to really enjoy it.

In our last Art topic of Year 4, we combined history with art to make mosaics. The children used a number of different materials to work out their strengths and weaknesses before planning their own piece of art with the material of their choice. Some of the children also had time to complete some collaborative pieces with their classmates. While not all of the pieces came out like the children had planned, they were able to reflect on what went well and what they would do differently next time.


The children worked really hard and we hope you enjoy the pictures.

Tiger’s Eye class have spent the term learning about sculptures inspired by the artist Giacometti. Through the term they planned their sculpture and experimented with different mediums including: papier mache, clay and Mod Roc. For their final piece of work they started by shaping wire to form a skeleton. Then they covered it with layers of their chosen material before decorating it in a single colour of their choice. The children then took a photograph of their finished piece and evaluated how it turned out.

All of the children worked incredibly hard and should be proud of what they created.  

Spring Update:

This has been a different kind of term for us in Year 4 as most of us have had to learn from home. We have worked very hard and made all our teachers proud with our resilience and positive attitude.


For our English this term, we began by learning about traditional tales. We thought about the story of the Three little pigs and how this might have been reported if it was a real news story. Here is some of our work:

We then moved onto learning about Ancient Greek myths. We learnt about myths such as Theseus and the Minotaur, Pandora’s Box and Icarus and Daedalus. We thought about the message of each myth and the personality traits of the characters in these stories. We also used the events to design our own creatures, creations and discuss the rights and wrongs of the character’s actions. We’ve also linked our Here is some of our work:


For our Maths this term we have been looking at fractions. We have used fraction walls to help us match and make fractions as well as find equivalent fractions too! We have also looked at how our times tables can help us to find an equivalent fraction.  During our Zoom teachings, we repeated and learnt the phrase: What we do to the numerator, we have to do to the denominator! Here is some of our work:


In our topic we have been exploring the water cycle and the importance of rivers. We learned about the names of each part of the river too as well as where famous rivers around the world are. Here is some of our work:

We have also put lots of effort into learning cooking and baking skills. Here are some of the things we have made:

Autumn Term:

In our English learning this term we started by reading James and the Giant Peach and using this as inspiration for our writing and also to apply our reading skills to understanding it. In our writing we’ve been focused on how to make our writing interesting to the reader by using adjectives, adverbs and fronted adverbials.


After half term, our writing shifted onto a more formal style and focused on how to sequence our writing using paragraphing. During this time the children wrote non-chronological reports on elephants and dragons. Then they moved onto writing biographies about Marcus Rashford, Santa Claus, before researching their choice of famous person and using their notes to write.

Meanwhile, in Guided Reading the children enjoyed reading ‘How to Train Your Dragon – The Day of the Dreader,’ along with learning about different types of poetry also themed around dragons.


For Maths we started by learning about Number and Place Value. We have explored what each digit means and how to represent this, such as part whole models and using equipment.

After that, we moved onto measurement and perimeter before starting multiplication and division with a focus on tables and division facts.

During the afternoons, the children have been learning about many things, including: Ancient Egypt and Greece in history and ‘All around the World’ in Geography. While in Science, the children looked at  Classification and have since moved onto teeth and the digestive system.

This term Year 4 have been learning about Pop Art with a particular focus on the techniques used by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. To celebrate harvest, the children have been working on using their Pop Art techniques to create a piece of Harvest artwork. As you will see, pumpkins were a particular favourite. We hope you all enjoy the selection of artwork produced.