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Garnet Class

Welcome to Garnet Class



Class Teacher:        Miss Wood

Learning Assistant:  Mrs Tilley

Midday Assistant:    Mrs Uddin



In Year 5 the children will be given three pieces of homework a week, English, Maths and Reading each week. Their homework will be given out on different days of the week however every class will have a full week to do their homework.

Garnet: Tuesday


Reading homework

As children are unable to take reading books home, children have access to an online library on MyOn and we are expecting children to be reading three times a week.


Maths homework

Maths homework will be set on Mathletics weekly and will be linked to work that we have covered in class however, if your child is still finding the work difficult please let us know in advance so that we can support them.


English homework

English homework will be set on Reading Eggs each week and the task the set will alternate from a comprehension task to a spelling task.


This year each class will have 2 sessions of PE which will be held outside weather permitting. Your child is not required to bring in a PE kit this year but must have suitable footwear. If you choose to bring a PE kit to school, please only bring them on your PE days and then they should be returned home to be washed that same day. If your child wears jewellery, in particular earrings, they must be able to remove them themselves or alternatively choose not to wear any on a day they will be doing PE. Please send your child in with a bottle of water every day, clearly labelled with their name.

Garnet: Wednesday and Thursday

Class Councillor: Mia

Class Ambassadors:  Brandon, Maryann and Poppy

Our work- Spring Term:

In English we have been focussing on ‘Setting Descriptions’ and ‘Action and Dialogue’. The children have enjoyed widening their vocabulary as well as learning to use inferential language to describe the senses and emotions of the settings. We have also been learning the rules of speech and ensuring we are using this correctly between characters dialogue.

In Maths we have been focussing on decimals (reading, writing, ordering and comparing). The children have been able to understand the links between fractions and decimals which will help once we move onto percentages. We have also looked at developing their Mental Arithmetic and application of mathematical skills to word problems.

In Science we have been looking at different types of forces and how they have an impact on actions taken. The children have been able to identify the forces which occur as well as explain how the force is created.

In Geography the children have been discovering different parts of the United Kingdom. They have been looking at counties as well as the different regions of the UK. The children have been able to research the population for different areas of the UK as well as finding interesting facts about their population.

In Art we have been creating drawings that have a three-dimensional look. We have created these by using a vanishing point on the horizon.

Our work- Autumn Term:

In English we have been focussing on Biographies of different famous people. The children have enjoyed finding out about David Attenborough by note taking and then creating their own piece of writing. We have also been learning Poetry. The children have been learning them using actions, and have been performing them in groups.

In Guided Reading we have been reading and listening to the story of the ‘Explorer’. The children have been able to answer comprehension questions as well as create storyboards of what is happening in the chapters we have covered.

 In Art for this half term we have been designing and sculpting vases. We have researched different vases through the ages as well as looking at different patterns for our designs. We even had a practise run at modelling them using plasticine. We made our final products out of clay and painted them with acrylic paint.

In Maths we have been focussing on all the operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). The children have been able to use their abilities to use column method and short multiplication and division. We have even been able to complete word problems and test like questions as practice for next year!

To celebrate the Harvest Festival Year 5 have learned, performed and written their own poems. Here are a sample of some of them: