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Jade Class

Welcome to Jade Class 


Teacher: Miss Wheeler

HLTA: Miss Sear

Learning Assistant: Miss Abdullah

LA/Midday: Mrs Humphreys

Homework and PE days


  • Homework is set via Purple Mash, MyOn and Mathletics every Thursday
  • We have PE or outdoor games on Mondays

Jade Class Timetable

Class Councillor: to be chosen on return to school after lockdown

Class Ambassadors: to be chosen on return to school after lockdown

Our work- Spring Term:

We have focused on a journey around the world this half term with visits to Africa, Antarctica, Australia and China. Please see the long term plan for more information.


In Literacy we have read books and learnt about the different places as well as the animals which have lived there. We have done this through both fiction and nonfiction texts. The children have really enjoyed this and have shown us through quizzes and their writing all the wonderful things they have learnt. We have been making lists, labelling pictures and describing animals as well as making our own books!


In Maths we have concentrated on shape space and measure while still maintaining our number work. We have sorted shapes into 2D and 3D and sequenced what we do during our day. We have learnt new vocabulary related to measures including longest and shortest. In number we have consolidated our understanding of numbers to 20 grouping them in different ways as well as putting them in order. We have learnt how to add and subtract building on the skills we started last term. Again, we have learnt new vocabulary including more and fewer.


In our topic work we have focussed a lot on our understanding of the world learning all about the different countries we have been reading about. We have looked at the climate and the flags of the countries as well as the traditions and celebrations they have in those countries. This we linked to our celebration of Chinese New Year. We have carried out science experiments using ice as well as trying to find the comfiest bed!


During this half term we also celebrated national storytelling week. We learnt the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears using our talk for writing actions and Makaton. All this helped us tell the story for our adults at home. We designed puppets to go with our stories as well as drawing storyboards.

Unfortunately, we did not all return to school after Christmas due to the lockdown, but our online learning was swiftly up and running to keep everyone at home as busy as those who were in school. We have a lot of online platforms for the children to use and explore – these are called Purple Mash, myON, Reading Eggs and Mathletics.


During this half-term we have set daily fresh activities and tasks in line with the EYFS curriculum on our online EYFS Purple Mash blog. Our Purple Mash activities include daily PE, Phonics, Maths, Literacy, Handwriting and Topic tasks to keep everyone engaged. In addition, Miss Wheeler has set specific tasks on Mathletics and myON, as well as sending out information on extra reading, arts and crafts, and various additional ideas for the children to investigate. Miss Wheeler has also displayed lots of amazing work on the Purple Mash Jade Class Good Work Blog and Whole School Display Boards. It has been so wonderful to see what all the children have been doing! The children who have been in school have been learning and playing in their bubble and enjoying all the activities that the teachers have been doing with them, too.


By far the most enjoyable part of our online learning has been the daily Zoom calls, where we love to chat, share our news and toys and wave to all our friends at home and in those in school. It has been fantastic to see lots of children enjoying the Zoom time and the stories and everyone has said how happy it makes them feel to see other people in Jade Class every day. We have also joined in with some Zoom Zumba sessions with Miss Wood, which were so much fun. Hopefully, everyone will be back together very soon. In the meantime, look at some of our brilliant work that we have created over lockdown, at home and at school.


Next half term we will be looking at People Who Help Us

Our work- Autumn Term:

In English we have been looking at traditional tales and winter/seasonal stories.

In Maths we have concentrated on number recognition and ordering as well as introducing the children to addition and subtraction. We have started to look at 2D shapes.

Please see the long term plan for more information.


Everyone in Jade Class settled in well at school and made lots of new friends. We learned the names of all the adults and talked about our class rules: using Friendly Hands, sharing the toys, using our manners and looking after our belongings. Jade Class learned about keeping safe in school and washing our hands often – and we love the Soapy Conga! Jade Class learned where our carpet spaces are and how we can listen to the adults who help us with our learning and playing.

In school this term we have been reading and learning all about Traditional Tales and seasonal stories in our Literacy lessons. We listened to, joined in with and retold lots of well-known stories using Talk4Writing actions and rewrote some of the stories with our teachers.

Jade Class have been learning the set 1 sounds in RWI and practising how to blend them to read words.

We have read lots of books with adults and can now talk about the events, characters and settings of the stories. We can talk about heroes and villains and guess the endings of stories, too!

Jade Class has been learning how to copy and then write our names independently and use the sounds that we can hear when we need to write words or sentences.

In our Maths lessons, Jade Class have been learning to count, recognise and order numbers. We have also learned about addition and subtraction, how to recognise, compare and describe a range of shapes and how to count carefully. We have been practising writing our numbers, too!

In our choosing time, Jade Class have used our imaginations to create some wonderful experiences. We love to role play, use scissors and glue, make treasure maps, explore outside, build robots, farms and castles and we can talk about what we have invented. We are so busy all day!

Jade Class have also learned about special or important times such as Wear Red for Racism and Children in Need. We have observed the Armistice Day silence, made a scarecrow for Harvest Time and performed some Christmas songs using Makaton signs.

For Harvest Time, Jade class read the story of The Scarecrow’s Wedding. We then made our own scarecrow – can you see which materials we used and how we did it?