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Sapphire Class

                       Welcome to Sapphire Class Page


Class Teacher:         Mrs Barber

Learning Assistant: Mrs Twohey

HLTA:                         Mrs Rose


The pupils of Sapphire Class, Mrs Barber, Mrs Twohey and Mrs Rose love to learn and you will find lots of useful information on this class page all about Sapphire Class and the things we have been learning.



Homework Days   

Homework is set on a Thursday and handed in the following Thursday.


PE Days                   

Our PE days are Monday and Tuesday. Mondays are our swimming days and on Tuesdays we will be playing netball and developing our gymnastic skills.


Class Ambassadors :  Georgia

Class Councillor:        Nyah

Class Secretary:          Frasier  



In our lessons, we have been working on lots of exciting things.


In Maths, we have focussed our learning on number, place value, multiplication and division. We remembered lots about our multiplication and could recall many times table facts. We applied our skills to be able to complete multiplication questions involving multiplying larger number by 2-digit numbers and used long multiplication for this. We used the inverse of multiplication to help us when we were learning the skills for long division.


In English, we have been studying ‘The Witches’ by Roald Dahl. We have been looking at the language and vocabulary used by Roald Dahl in his writing and we used our reading skills to identify useful words and phrases and used summarising skills to make notes from the text. We used these within our writing and produced a guide for spotting a REAL witch, also in descriptive writing about The Grand High Witch. We applied our journalistic skills to create newspaper reports about the five missing children in the story.



Science has been really interesting for us. We have been ‘Classifying Critters’ and we collected many creatures from outside (e.g. worms, ants, spiders etc.) and used scientific classification diagrams to help us tell the difference between the creatures we had found. We then sketched what we had found before releasing the creatures back into their natural habitats.  We have looked at different ways that living things can be grouped, including microorganisms, which involved planning and carrying out a rather gruesome mouldy bread investigation!

Foundation Subjects

In History and Geography, we have been learning about the Blitz and World War 2, looking at the historical aspects of this time in History and maps of Europe at the time of the war. We have linked our Design and Technology work to this topic too and used our design skills to make Anderson Shelters, our food technology skills to make World War Two carrot cookies and within Art have been using pencil sketching skills to sketch Winston Churchill and Black RAF pilots such as Lilian Bader and Ulric Cross. Sikhism is our focus for RE, learning the history of the religion and a some of its founding principles and about religious buildings such as the Gurdwara. For French, we have been learning to talk about ourselves and introducing ourselves to others. We also studied how words can change between male and female forms of words. We have been using Microsoft PowerPoint in Computing to research about The Battle of Britain and World War Two and then presenting our Power Points to others to show what we have learned. Self-Esteem and Zones of Regulation have been our focus in PHSE and we have been working on ways and strategies to manage our emotions to live a positive life, this also links to Music where we have been learning about different styles of music around the theme of ‘Happy’