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Diamond Class

Welcome to Diamond Class Page


In Diamond Class we love to learn. We have three adults to help us:


Class Teacher:                                    Miss Retigan    

Learning Assistant/Midday Assistant: Mr Wilk

Learning Assistant:                             Mrs Pleydell. 

PE is taught on a Monday and a Thursday so the children will need their PE kits on this day. 

COVID UPDATE: children are permitted to take part in the PE lesson in their school uniform but can bring PE kit into school if they wish.

Class Timetable:

Class Councillor/ Ambassador


Class councillor: Reece

He makes sure that our views are listened to and he reports our views to the School Council.


Class Ambassador: Jake

He makes sure our visitors are well informed about the learning we are doing and answers any questions they may have.

Our work- Spring Term:


During the Spring Term, learning has looked a little different for us all. We have been learning as best we can from home. We have been taking part in three zoom sessions per day, one maths, one English and one other subject. We have enjoyed engaging as a class and have tried our best to complete some fabulous work.

Maths: We have worked on recapping the four operations, converting measurements, converting from metric to imperial, converting fractions to decimals and percentages and finding percentages of amounts. Here is some of the great work we have completed.
Ansum worked hard on converting pounds to kg and litres to gallons.

Shaniya worked hard at finding fractions and percentages of amounts and showed some excellent working out.

Brooke worked hard on finding 10% of amounts.

English: We have focussed on three different writing units this half term. The Man on the Moon unit was a narrative unit that helped us to focus on developing our description.

The ‘Mythical stories unit’ helped us to develop our imagination and the ‘Instructions’ unit showed some great cross curricular writing skills.


Here is some of the great work we completed:

Jaya worked hard on some useful techniques to help engage the reader in her Man on the Moon writing.

Jessica has written some clear instructions on how to take care of a puppy.

Ansum worked hard on explaining why an object is or isn’t a source of light.

Our work- Autumn Term:

In English during the second part of the Autumn Term we have focussed on narrative and playscripts. We have developed our descriptive techniques and sentence structure. Look at our amazing examples of work:

Tommy has used some fantastic vocabulary in his writing. We were especially impressed with his use of “the buttery yellow sunlight.”

During Maths this term we have been working on securing our knowledge of the four operations and we have also been working on coordinates and translation of shape. Look at our fantastic examples of work below:

Echo challenged herself to complete some really tricky translation problems and worked hard to keep her presentation neat so that her work was clear.

Jake worked hard on dividing decimals by integers and attempted some Greater Depth questions too.

Guray worked hard in Geography on plotting the allies and axis power countries from World War Two, he also successfully answered a challenge question.

Shaniya worked hard at finding fractions and percentages of amounts and showed some excellent working out.

Reece worked hard to balance his ambitious vocabulary in the opening to his mythical story.

Diamond Class Pet!

He is a 4 year old corn snake. He really loves being handled and we make sure we take him out in the sun whenever we can. We love watching him eat and shed his skin.

In Diamond Class, during the COVID 19 pandemic, we need to make sure all of the other school animals are cared for too. Every day, some of our class go outside to feed and look after all the animals.

SATs Parents - updated for 2021.mp4

Still image for this video

Here are some more pictures of our fantastic work

Harvest work

In Diamond Class we have worked on water colour paintings of pumpkins for our Harvest celebration.

We had to learn how to paint in different shades of colour to give a 3d effect. We enjoyed doing our paintings and we hope you enjoy them too.