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Year 5

Year 5


Welcome to Year 5’s web page.

Quartz Class Teacher: Miss McGrotty


Moonstone Class Teacher: Mr Davis


Garnet Class Teacher: Miss Wood



Daily Timetable:

9.05-9.30: Guided Reading

9.30-10.30: Maths

10.30-10.45: Break

10.45-11.45: English

11.45-12.10: Maths Skills or Support for Spelling

12.50-1.35: Lunch

1.10- 2.45: Handwriting and Topic

2.45-3.10: Assembly




PE days are on a Wednesday or Friday. Please ensure that your child has a full PE kit in school on those days including a change of footwear e.g. plimsolls or trainers. It may also be useful for your child to bring in tracksuit bottoms to keep them warm during PE lessons in the cold weather.




Children in Year 5 are set for English according to their ability. This allows the teacher to tailor their lessons to suit every child within their class and allows the children to feel comfortable learning alongside children of a similar ability. We encourage the children to develop their independent skills whilst offering them the support they require to progress their learning.

Throughout the school we use a scheme called ‘Screen to Page’ whereby we use film to enhance the children’s writing. So far this year we have used the Lion King to help the children write their story from another culture. This has had extremely positive results and the children, and adults are very proud of the writing that has been produced. We are looking forward to using other films throughout the year.




The children are also set for Maths. Children are encouraged to develop their independence whilst challenging their mathematical ability. They cover a range of different topics during maths and develop written and mental methods for all four operations throughout the year. We use the column method for addition and subtraction, the grid method for multiplication and chunking or repeated subtraction for division. If you require any advice on any of these methods, please feel free to pop in to see any of the Year 5 teachers. We try to use the outdoors as much as possible during maths lessons as we believe that rich maths in the outdoor environment both excites the children as well as enhancing their learning.


Topics and themed days


In Year 5 we study a variety of exciting topics, one per half term. These include: Mission to Mars, Myths and Legends, Go with the Flow, Making the news and what a wonderful world. We hope to make these topics exciting, yet challenging for your children, allowing them to study a variety of subjects related to a theme. These subjects include Science, Geography, History , Society, Art, ICT Music and International. So far this year we have found that the children have really loved the Mission to Mars topic. Many have shown their enthusiasm by conducting their own research at home and completing their Topic based homework to a high standard on the majority of occasions.

We hope to hold two themed days throughout the year: A Myths and Legends Day whereby the children can dress up as their favourite Myths and Legends character and write and perform their own myth or legend. We also hope to hold a Titanic Day as part of our go with the flow topic. During this day, the children can dress as a first, second or third class passenger. The children will be given a ticket at random determining the class they will be part of on the day. We will carry out a variety of role plays, dancing and food tasting throughout the day.

Please take the opportunity on Tuesday’s after school to come and see the wonderful work that your child has produced.


Eco and animals


We have a small holding at our school where we keep chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs and tortoises. This Year the children have been lucky enough to witness two litters of baby rabbits growing up. 

In Year 5 many volunteers have the opportunity to become Eco Captains. Once they are fully trained they will have the responsibility of feeding the animals each day and cleaning them out. We have found that this has given the children a sense of responsibility as well as helping them to work as a team.                                                                                               




In Year 5 the children will be given three pieces of homework a week, English, Maths and Topic each week. Their homework will be given out on a Monday and will be due in on Friday’s. We encourage the children to hand in their homework each week. If homework is not completed an opportunity will be provided for them to complete in school. There is a SUMDOG/Homework club every morning between 8.15-8.45am which children are welcome to attend, just come to the main office at 8.15am.


We hope that your child will have a fantastic year in Year 5. We will do our best to ensure your child is as happy as possible and will learn to their full potential. However, if any issues do arise then please do not hesitate to speak to us after school or make an appointment to meet with us via the office.



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